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Image by Caju Gomes

Sparkly help for your health

Are you worried about your health and feel like your body isn’t as sparklingly happy as it could be? Have you been to the doctor and not got the answers or help you’d been hoping for? Are struggling with a health condition or diagnoses that you’d like some extra support with? Would you like to have some diet and supplement suggestions that are in line with your own personal health goals (but also take into account your current lifestyle i.e. will not have you making complicated changes that you don’t have time/money for?). Then I’d love to help you get your health and happiness sparkling more.

I’m happy to work with you alone or in conjunction with other medical practitioners depending on what treatment or advice you’re already receiving. I’ll sometimes advise you to seek tests or referrals from your GP or other health professionals who I trust and are experts in their field. The goal is always to get you feeling healthy, fabulous and sparkly again.

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