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Sun, 13 Dec


Zoom Event

Feel more SPARKLY and less SAD this winter!

Women With Sparkle MASTERCLASS. It’s going to be AMAZING and give you tools you can use every winter for the rest of your life!

Feel more SPARKLY and less SAD this winter!
Feel more SPARKLY and less SAD this winter!

Time & Location

13 Dec 2020, 20:00 – 21:30

Zoom Event

About the Event

I’m a summer person. I love the sunshine, blue skies and all that the season entails. In comparison, I used to REALLY struggle over winter. My mood would drop, my energy seemed non-existent, I’d constantly over-eat, and I’d then be filled with total self-loathing (before embarking on an extreme diet that wouldn’t last). I saw winter as something to try and just “get through”. But now, I genuinely LOVE winter! This didn’t just happen overnight, I took some time to learn about winter, discover ways to increase my mood, understand how to boost my energy, protect my health, not swing between over-eating and extreme dieting and truly thrive without feeling as grey as the skies outside. Now,   want the same for YOU. I don’t want you to struggle or just “get through” winter. I want you to learn how to sparkle through it!

Ask yourself this……

- Do you struggle with low moods and feelings of “greyness” over winter?

- Do you feel sluggish and like you have no energy for the things you need and want to do?

- Do you feel like you have no sparkle or vibrancy by the time January rolls around?

- Does your physical health decline over winter and you often suffer with coughs, colds and other illnesses?

- Do your hormonal problems get worse during and after the festive season, such as your periods get heavier/more painful or your skin looks dull and spotty?

- Do you struggle with constant over-eating during the festive period, which can then leave you full of self-loathing and embarking on an extreme diet and/or fitness regime come January?

- Do you wish winter was a time when you sparkled instead of felt sad about yourself

and life?

If you answered yes to one or more of above, then I want you to join me for a 90-minute MASTERCLASS filled with fun, facts and sparkle. I’ll share my top tips as a women’s holistic nutritionist and coach, teaching you…

- Why the winter affects you so negatively each year and how you’ve been “set up” to suffer rather than sparkle – especially in January.

- How to understand what your hormones are doing and how they’ll affect your mood, energy and appetite over winter.

- How you can have more energy during the winter months.

- How you can boost your mood when the days are grey and long.

- How you can actually increase your health and boost your immune system during winter so you’re not as susceptible to every cough, cold and flu going round (including THE one we’re all currently obsessed with).

- The REAL reason you may be over-eating during the festive period (and btw it’s not because you have no willpower) and how you can still enjoy lots of treats and yummy food, BUT not end up in a place of physical pain from over-eating or self-

loathing towards your body.

- Some of the many other things that can help your winter be a truly sparkle-filled season to love!

In essence, these are the “sparke-boosters” we’ll cover:





It’s going to be AMAZING and give you tools you can use every winter for the rest of your life!


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